Australian Junior Eight Ball Championships 2009
Q-Masters - Milton - Brisbane - Qld (1st - 8th March)
  Under 12 Under 15 Under 18 Manager
ACT Aaron Billington Benny Maliganis Alessandro Nasca  Trent Billington
  ACT-12-2 CJ Maliganis Robert McGuire  
      Danial Bawlshaw  
NSW * Cheyenne O'Shea (qld) Brent McHugh (qld) Jessica Woods (qld) Geoff Thursby
Singles Hayden Goode (qld) Joel Butler (qld) CJ Barena (qld)  
      Dave Sutherland (qld)  
NT Yama Banu Hayley Schopp Daniel Banfield Sharon Crawley
  Mathew Gerrard Jack Richter Clint Wood Dennis Baker
      Richard Lofthouse  
QLD * Bianca Bam Sam West Liam Butler Geoff Thursby
  Justin Woods Vijay Randall Dan Van Kempen  
      Jared Jensen  
SA Jordan Mitchell Michael Cacciola Nathan Nemes Margaret Morphett
  Tiegan Hulley Ian Hinton Mitchell Harris  
      Aaron Lynch  
TAS Dennis Marshall Cale Barrett Anthony Adams Cyril Triffitt
  Alexander Pace Blake Marshall Ben McCauley  
      Stephen Kaine  
VIC Jacob Isles Tyson Howie Gus DiGiorgio Cheryl Congram
  Joshua McLean Jake Boyle Kurt Dunham Claude Welson
      Daniel Faddoul  
WA Scott Brownrigg Luke Foster Dylan Fitzgerald Shane Congdon
  Mikey Read Jamie Ranalli Thomas Partridge  
      Jason Hawker  

     AEBF Junior Teams Stats

Joe Fanto, The World and Australian Eight-Ball President prepares the players for the 2009 Junior Teams Australian Grand Final

Cryill's boys are prepared for war. That is green hair dye!

R U E , that was the SA team dry all the way to the very last frame

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Under 18 FINALS

Well what agreat final 5-5 and Aaron breaks and clears the table.

 best of 7 QTR FINALS
best of 7
best of 11
    1: Kurt Dunham (VIC)
    v  winner to final
 Aaron Lynch (SA)6
 2:Anthony Adams (TAS)
 Aaron Lynch (SA) 4   v Champion
  v     Anthony Adams (TAS) 5 
 3: Aaron Lynch (SA) 4  Kurt Dunham (VIC)  ?   
    Anthony Adams (TAS)  4 v  Saturday 12noon
    v Anthony Adams (TAS) 5   
    Daniel Faddoul (VIC)  ?     
 4:Gus DiGiorgio (VIC)
 5:Daniel Faddoul (VIC)



Under 15 FINALS

 best of 7 SEMI FINALS
best of 9
 GRAND FINALbest of 11 
 1:Michael Cacciola (SA) 
  v   Michael Cacciola (SA) 6 
 2: Luke Foster (WA) 3
     Luke Foster (WA) 5 
    Luke Foster (WA) 5   
      Saturday 11am
    CJ  Maliganis (ACT) ?   
 3: CJ  Maliganis (ACT)4     
 4: Cale Barret (TAS)3     

Under 12 FINALS

 best of 7 SEMI FINALS
best of 9
 GRAND FINALbest of 11 
 1:Dennis Marshall (TAS) 
  v    Dennis Marshall (TAS) 5 
 2: Matthew Gerrard (NT) 3
      Jacob Isles (VIC) 6 
   Matthew Gerrard (NT) 0   
    v  Saturday 10am  
   Jacob Isles (VIC) 5   
 3: Jacob Isles (VIC) 4     
 4: Joshua McLean (VIC)2     


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Manager Sharon Crawley and Dennis Baker
under 12 Mathew Gerrard
under 15 Hayley Schopp, Jack Richter and Yama Banu
under 18 Daniel Banfield, Clint Wood and Richard Lofthouse
Manager Geoff Thursby
under 12  Bianca Bam and Justin  Woods
under 15 Sam  West and Vijay  Randall
under18 Liam  Butler, Dayne  Van Kempen and Jared  Jensen
Manager Geoff Thursby
under 12  Cheyenne O'Shea and Hayden Goode
under 15 Brent McHugh and Joel  Butler
under18 Jessica  Woods, CJ  Barena and Dave  Sutherland
Manager Cyril Triffitt
under 12 Dennis Marshall and Alexander Pace  
under 15 Cale Barrett and Blake Marshall
under 18 Anthony Adams, Adam Smith and Stephen Kaine
Managers  Cheryl Congram and Claude Welson (u18)
under 12 Jacob Isles and Joshua McLean   
under 15 Tyson Howie and Jake Boyle
under 18 Gus DiGiorgio, Kurt Dunham and Daniel Faddoul 
Manager Margaret Morphett
under 12 Jordan Mitchell and Tiegan Hulley
under 15 Michael Cacciola and Ian Hinton
under 18 Nathan Nemes, Mitchell Harris and Aaron Lynch
Manager Shane Congdon
under 12 Scott Brownrigg and Mikey Read  
under 15 Luke Foster and Jamie Ranalli
under 18 Dylan Fitzgerald, Thomas Partridge and Jason Hawker 
Manager Trent Billington
under 12 Aaron Billington
under 15 Benny Maliganis and CJ Maliganis
under18 Alessandro Nasca, Robert McGuire and Danial Bawlshaw

Daily event schedule of the 19th annual Australian Eight-Ball Junior Nationals.

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