Australian Junior Eight Ball Championships 2012
Harmonie German Club - Canberra - ACT (15th-21th January)
  Under 12 Under 15 Under 18 Manager
ACT Nathan Miller Aaron Billington Benny Maleganeas Trent Billington
  Adam Thorp   Ashley Awa  
      Yama Banu  
NSW Reece Norton (ACT) James Wade (ACT) Alex Parker (ACT) Trent Billington
Singles Joshua Burnett (QLD) .           (ACT) Justin Finney (ACT)  
NT Michael Shepheard Ethan Beattie Jack Richter Clem Chan
  Morgan Evans Luke Evans Liam Thompson Wendy Banfield
      Denroa Cook  
QLD Hayden Goode Kyle Thomson Vijay Randall
  Nikolas Burnett Samuel Burnett Liam Butler Stuart Burnett
      Jayme White  
SA Cooper Dart Erik Westerholm Michael Cacciola Margaret Morphett
  Kane Weekley Jordan Mitchell Ian Hinton  
      Jock Parks  
TAS Blake Hope Jacob Marshall Cale Barrett Cyril Triffitt
  Emanuel Lockley Brodie Stubbs Stephen Kaine  
      Justin Stubbs  
VIC Michael Leighton Matt Curwood Ryan Thomerson Cheryl Congram
  Isabella Digiorgio Joshu McClean Adam Bleumink  
      Jordan Butler  
WA Stella Kearney Scott Brownrigg Luke Foster Adrian Lancaster
  Pera Isabeth Jacob Sumner Keenan Cigler  
      Ben Foster  


Australian Junior Championships 2012
  Sunday, 15 January 2012    
9:00 AM Free practice all tables LINK Under 12 Results
9:30 AM Delegates meeting LINK Under 15 Results
10:00 AM Team Photos LINK Under 18 Results
11:30 AM Opening Ceremony LINK Teams
12:30 PM Lunch    
1:00 PM Junior Singles Matches    
6:00 PM Room close    
7:30 PM Umpires Course    
  Monday, 16 January 2012   Thursday, 19 January 2012
8:30 AM Free practice all tables 8:30 AM Free practice all tables
9:00 AM Singles event all tables 9:00 AM Singles event all tables
6:00 PM Room close 10:30 AM Singles Quarter/Semi Finals
    6:00 PM Room close
  Tuesday, 17 January 2012   Friday, 20 January 2012
8:30 AM Free practice all tables 8:30 AM Free practice all tables
9:00 AM Singles event all tables 9:00 AM Team Matches
6:00 PM Room close 5:00 PM Team Grand Final
    6:00 PM Room close
  Wednesday, 18 January 2012   Saturday, 21 January 2012
8:30 AM Free practice all tables 8:30 AM Free practice all tables
9:00 AM Singles event all tables 10:00 AM Under 12 Grand Final
6:00 PM Room close 11:30 AM Under 15 Grand Final
    1:00 PM Under 18 Grand Final
    6:30 PM Presentation night
      Neat Casual Dress


Juniors 2012

The ACT Eightball Association (ACTEBA) is happy to invite the State and Territory representatives to attend the 2012 AEBF Junior Nationals 15-21 January 2012.

The event will be hosted at the Harmonie German Club Canberra ( The Harmonie Club is located in Narrabundah, and is a 15-20 min journey from the airport. While the club is licensed they areas for Junior play will be alcohol free.

The Harmonie Club will also host the presentation night dinner. Final details have not been confirmed but is expected that the cost for tickets will be  ~$30 (but this is to be confirmed) . This will be confirmed as soon as possible.

There are several accommodation options within walking distance of the Harmonie Club. These include various accommodation styles from bunk rooms through to self-contained units. The longest walking distance includes crossing of a major thoroughfare but pedestrian lights are available. : Time to venue < 2 min, distance: < 200m : Time to venue < 10 min, distance: < 1km Time to venue < 1 min, distance: < 100m

ACTEBA has not arranged any formal agreement with any venue. Googlemaps provides excellent idea for the location of the venue relative to the accommodation.

For those not familiar with Canberra climate January has an average max temp of 28.5C with a high UV content. All major attractions will be open, and travel to the Parliamentary Triangle is straightforward with Public transport accessible from all the locations listed in this email. At this time ACTEBA intends the schedule will allow opportunities for free time to take advantage of Canberra National attractions. More information can be found here

Unfortunately due to time constraints ACTEBA is unable to provide any assistance with arranging accommodation. We can provide details on other accommodation options within short travel time should this be required.

Please contact me if you require any further information.